In the season 2012 – 2013 visitors to the gallery are offered a choice of the program, consisting of 38 passes, each of which includes the opportunity to attend multiple lectures on topics that are most interesting to the audience. For example, a subscription "a brief history of Russian art" will include lectures on the development of Russian culture from the XI century until the present day.

Any listener may choose the most suitable program of lectures, entertainment, popular scientific format, to in-depth, serious study. There is a special lecture programme for students of middle age and for parents with children. This season in the list of subscriptions includes a new program - "meet the expert". Its listeners are told in detail about the features of the professions of Museum workers, as well as on various art problems.

Lectures take place either in the lecture hall gallery at Lavrushinsky lane, 12, 1st floor Engineering building or in the conference room on the 2nd floor of the same housing, or in the conference hall on the Crimean Val (Krimsky Val, 10, 3rd floor). Selling season tickets and group formation is done twice a year – in may and November. Thus, people who had not purchased season tickets but plan to attend lectures in February, March and April next year, will have to buy a season ticket for next November. If visitors wish to attend lectures in September-October of the current year, they can do so by purchasing a subscription cost 900 rubles (500 rubles – sightseeing tour + entrance fees to the gallery).

To purchase season tickets is possible at the tour Desk of the State Tretyakov gallery (Lavroushinsky lane, 10, main entrance). All the necessary information can be received by phones: (495) 953-52-23 and (495) 957-07-82.

In order to avoid misunderstandings and claims it is also necessary to remember that adults wishing to accompany their children to lectures, need to purchase entrance tickets and the lecture, missed a season ticket holder for any reason for which the gallery is not repeated.