First of all, find out the depth of the pipeline and its location. This can be done by contacting housing organizations your garden or BTI.
Decide the type of water pipes that you intend to use. Copper pipes are the most durable but also the most expensive. Steel pipe rust for 20 years, pipes of metal can last 50 years, plastic pipes – 30 years. By the way, if necessary, to be able to change the broken pipe on the new, usually, the pipes lay in asbestos pipes of larger diameter. Then sealed them with cement, to keep the rodents his way.
Make a draft frame in General plumbing and get his permission first in the garden Association, and then in the office of the water Utility to which your garden plot.
In accordance with the project, dig a trench depth of 1.5 m (below the freezing level of the soil), lay back and asbestos water pipes.
In place of the frame in General plumbing you must put the well. Same well it is necessary to put in place supplying water to the house. The depth of the well -1,8 m, size 1х1м. Dig a hole with a width of 1.4 m and a depth of 1.8 m, overlaid it with red brick, the space behind brick walls, pour concrete and backfill with the excavated soil. On the upper edge of the well, reinforce metal 5cm area, that the well could be closed by a metal sheet.
Mount inside the sump system forgiving water to the house. Up to the first branching of the pipeline on the pipe should be a valve behind the faucet to drain water for the winter. Then mounted the water meter, and then the pipeline splits into several branches. Several of them are used for supplying water to the house, and one of them can be output to the irrigation area. And tap to open it needs to be in the house to avoid theft of water, for which you pay by the meter.