You will need
  • - pump and automation;
  • - diaphragm pressure vessel;
  • - filtration unit;
  • - to protect the pump from dry running and overload;
  • pipe;
  • - stop valves;
  • fittings.
Select the pump before mounting the plumbingand. If the water supply will be from a well or wells on the site, consider: the depth of how far they are located from home, how many floors will be supported by the water, as planned to install the plumbing fixtures and water outlets. This approach greatly simplifies the installation of the water supply.
Use of surface self-priming pumps and capacious enough accumulator, if the private house has a basement, and the level of water lifting not more than 8 m. For wells where the water table is below 8.5 m, a rise of water will carry out with the help of the submersible pump, which is installed directly into the well.
Install vibration isolators (plumbing thick rubber) on their feet to reduce the noise, which is inevitable during operation of the pump. If in a private house without basements, such a pumping station set in the pit, digging it near a source of water and including a metal heat-insulated caisson.
Complete water system with a coarse filter, which will delay the sand and mist.
Put a protective membrane for the implementation of water purification, if it is of poor quality. To prevent breakage of the pump from his work in "dry", set the float – "dry run protection" or special automation.
Lay underground piping below the depth of frost penetration in the area. The entrance to the bore of feed tube position at a depth of 1.8 m.
Insulate the top of the well, for example, mineral wool, if you can not enter line the depth of frost penetration. Its quite a snug fit provides excellent barrier to cold air.
Install heating cable to ensure the stable operation of water supply and the supply to private homes. It must be put directly in the water and on pipe sections that are not protected from freezing.
Guide the piping for the usual sequential method. It is used in a small private house, equipped kitchen and one bathroom. The minimum number of connections provides excellent reliability and simplicity of the system, but it has a major drawback: the necessity of overlapping one pipe leads to the overlapping of all water cottage.
Make a layout of the piping manifold by way of the larger cabins, equipped with multiple bathrooms and lots of equipment connected to the water supply. In this system, water can overlap only in one tube without complete overlap of the water.