You will need
  • - carpet cleaner (for example "Vanish");
  • - a sponge;
  • - the soft brush;
  • vacuum cleaner.
Remove and empty car covers. Prepare the solution according to the instructions for detergent. Carefully fluff the foam and apply it on the surface of the covers, preventing them from excessive moisture.
Wait for complete drying of the foam and remove the left overs with a vacuum cleaner. Dry the cases after cleaning using detergent. This method of cleaning is suitable for cases of genuine fur.
To clean covers made of real fur can be this way. Mix one Cup of semolina, one Cup of starch. Scatter this mixture on the fur and emboss it, or clean it with a vacuum cleaner. Dry fur covers, and then shake them and gently comb the fur with a dry brush.
To clean heavily contaminated sites covers fur, you can apply a people's means. Heat in a water bath in an enamel pot shredded flakes "Hercules" to the temperature, which can withstand hand. Clean heated cereals contaminated mesla, and then clean the fur with a brush.
If the car covers made of flock, clean them with a brush moistened in warm soapy water (40°C), and then dry the covers. Heavy soiling remove with detergents, water-based. Apply fresh grease for 2-3 minutes soapy solution and then clean these areas with a sponge or soft brush.
Remove traces of lipstick or ballpoint pen for car covers, wiping the contamination of a 10% alcohol solution, then rinse the treatment site with warm water.