You will need
  • automotive air conditioner covers;
  • - brush with a medium stiffness;
  • - starch;
  • - alcohol;
  • - clean rag.
Find out the type of material from which made your car covers. This will depend on the choice of the method that you are going to clean them. Covers made of leather, in any case can not be machining washable.
Take a clean rag or polishing cloth and wet it with rubbing alcohol or a special automotive air conditioning. Gently wipe the surface of the covers. Don't get too wet skin. To lightly erase the dirt and oil settled on the surface. Also do not need much pressure on the cover when wiping to avoid a mechanical violation. Hang covers to dry.
Take the starch and gently pour it on the covers of fur. Leave them for a while. Gently clean the fur with a special brush of medium hardness. In any case, do not use a brush with hard bristles, as it can simply rip apart the fur. Long hair should be cleaned along and short against. Thoroughly clean all the particles of starch.
Covers made of cotton or linen should be washed in normal conditions. Do not forget to unpick all the plastic clips, if you wash in the machine. You can also wash the covers by hand. After washing hang them out to dry. Dried the seat covers should be carefully ironed. Sew operatie plastic mount.
If you have velour covers, they should be washed in the machine mode for synthetics. Velour covers are the most unpretentious. They are not burned and does not accumulate static electricity. Several times rinse the covers after washing. You can add special car air conditioner before the last rinse.
Inspect before washing each case. If it broke, it should be washed manually or in a special net. All the stains on the covers should be exactly the same as stains on clothes. If there is no free time to do the Laundry, give your covers to the dry cleaners. The experts will return their previous appearance in a short time.