For example, if you want to draw master Yoda – one of the main characters of movies and books – start with the fact that you draw an equilateral triangle. Of the vertices of the triangle swipe down strictly vertical line perpendicular to the base of the triangle.
Closer to the top of the triangle, stepping back two thirds of the height from the base, draw a line curving down and under it draw a line with more curve. Below the top line draw the slanted eyes of the character, which occupy almost the entire width of the triangle. Draw the lower eyelids of each eye in the form of three curved narrow down lines.
Then draw three vertical winding wrinkles, the middle one goes between the eyes of Yoda and coincides with the direction of the Central axis of the triangle and the other two are on both sides and also aligned with the Central crease between the eyes.
Now draw the nose Yoda, mouth and chin line. Around the mouth, draw the wrinkles in order to emphasize the advanced age of the character.
Around the top of the triangle draw the outlines of the head of Yoda and mark eyebrows and on the outer sides of the head to the left and right draw the large ears, located at an angle to the sides of the triangle. For the ears draw the character's hair and then proceed to drawing it.
Clothes Yoda's cloak, so draw the folds of the hood and mark the outline of hands folded under his cloak. Detail Yoda costume and paint of the character.