How to cook Apple jam white bulk

For making jam, it is recommended to select juicy ripe fruit. Damaged Mature fruits can also be used for cooking jam. They need to go through and remove the apples damaged and unusable parts.

After removal of the stalks the fruit is very thoroughly under plenty of running water. Clean cut fruit knife stainless steel on 2 or 4 pieces, depending on size of apples. Then put in a saucepan or tinned copper basin, pour a little water (on 1 kg apples 100 ml water) and put on a quiet fire to cook. In order to avoid burning while cooking the apples, you must constantly stir with a wooden spatula or spoon. After the fruit boiled until soft, remove the cookware from the heat and wipe the apples through a sieve that will not remain the skin and seeds are not deleted.

The resulting Apple sauce put in a dish intended for cooking of jam, add 1 kilogram of potatoes, 600 grams of sugar and boil down on high heat, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon or spatula. Continue cooking to thicken the jam and the acquisition of a pleasant cream color. Think he is ready, if the stirring paddle will leave not disappearing from the furrow, or when the jam will start to fall from the spoon with a piece, not forming a continuous thread.

Ready jam white raspakujte filling hot into sterilized dry jars, then let cool. On the surface of the cooled jam, put a circle of parchment paper, then put the lid on and store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place.

Recipe of jam from the white filling and draining

To cook jam from apples and plums white filling blue kystendil or Mirabell, you will need:
— 1 kilogram of apples white filling;
— 1 kilogram of plums;
1.8 pounds of sugar;
— 1 Cup of water.

Apples white filling very thoroughly wash and cut into slices. Plum also wash under running water and remove the pits. Fold the prepared fruit in a bowl intended for cooking of jam, pour in the water and cook, stirring constantly, until tender. Then, not allowing to cool, RUB all through a sieve.
In the resulting puree, add sugar, stir and cook over low heat, stirring often, to desired thickness. Ready raspakujte hot jam into sterilized jars, roll up and cool.