When choosing a notebook attention in the first place you need to pay the cover. It was because of her often ignite controversy. Children often prefer notebooks with bright covers depicting celebrities, a variety of pictures etc. the Teacher can forbid to use such notebooks, because it is believed that bright cover distracts students from their studies. As for my parents, they are often more important than the quality of the paper than the appearance of the notebook. In order not to make the wrong choice, talk to teachers and find out their opinion on certain skins. At the same time try to take into account the child's wishes.

Anyway, it is desirable that the cover was made of durable material and had rounded edges, because in this case it will last longer, not rastrapovich not raslovici. Choosing a notebook for the student in elementary school, pay attention to the presence on the cover of a special unit in which the child can write their surname and name, name of subject, etc.

By choosing notebooks with the most appropriate cover, look inside and appreciate the quality of the paper and demarcation. Leaves in any case should not be shiny, bright white as well as yellow or gray. Ideally, preference should be given moderately white paper, which does not irritate and does not tire the eyes. As for demarcation, it should be clear, but not bright. Suitable paper with well printed gray lines. Bright red, blue, green demarcation should be avoided.

On each sheet must be drawn side of the field. Sometimes an exception can be made for General notebooks, i.e. notebooks, whose volume is 48 or more pages. Pay attention to the density of the paper, which is usually indicated on the cover on the reverse side. The density shall be not less than 55 g/sq m but not exceeding 75 g/sq. m