Salad in pineapple

This salad is not only unusual taste but also a spectacular submission. For its preparation it is necessary to take:
- 1 pineapple;
- 400 g crab sticks;
- 1 jar of canned corn;
- 6 leaves of Chinese cabbage;
5 tablespoons of mayonnaise;
- 1 tbsp of tomato ketchup;
- 1 tablespoon of brandy;
- 1 bunch of dill;
- pistachios.

Pineapple cut in half, carefully remove the pulp and cut it into small pieces. Crab sticks cut into cubes, leaves Chinese cabbage – strips. Connect all components of the salad: pineapple, crab sticks, cabbage and canned corn. Prepare the filling. To do this, connect the mayonnaise, ketchup and cognac. Mix everything thoroughly and season the salad. Then put it in half of a pineapple, sprinkle with chopped pistachios and chopped dill.

Swiss salad with cheese and cherry

To make this unusual salad, you need the following components:
- 200 g of hard cheese;
- 200 g of lean ham;
- 200 g of cherries;
- 2 stalks of celery;
- 250 g boiled pasta;
- 2 tbsp vinegar;
- 3 tbsp vegetable oil;
- 1 yolk;
- 50 g of walnut kernels;
- parsley or dill;
- ground black pepper;

First of all, a sharp knife, cut cheese and ham in small cubes. Cherries wash and remove pits. Celery cut into slices thickness of about 1 centimeter. Put all the ingredients in a bowl, add the previously boiled pasta. To prepare this salad it is better to take large feathers.

Make the dressing. To do this: mix wine vinegar with vegetable oil and egg yolk, add salt to taste and pepper. Before serving, pour the prepared salad dressing. This dish will look particularly impressive if it is decorate with the remaining cherries, chopped walnuts and chopped parsley or dill.

Motley mushroom salad

To make this fruit and vegetable salad with mushrooms will need:
- 100 g fresh mushrooms;
- 200 grams of acute cheese;
- 2 sweet peppers;
- 2 apples;
- 2 orange;
- 3 tsp of honey;
- 2 tbsp of lemon juice;
- 0.3 l of kefir;
- 1 tsp. mustard;
- orange peel.

Apples peel, remove core and slice along with the cheese in small cubes. Mushrooms wipe with a damp cloth. If the mushrooms are small, extinguish completely, then cut it in half, and if large – cut into slices, and then put out. Pods of sweet pepper wash and remove core, cut into thin rings. Mix with peeled and sliced crosswise slices of oranges. Put all the prepared ingredients in a salad bowl.

From yogurt, mustard, honey, lemon juice and orange zest that we must take literally the tip of a knife, prepare the sauce. Pour evenly over the salad and mix well.

Salad with melon

Unusual can be and fruit salads. For example, a salad of melon, seasoned with dry wine. To do that, you will need:
- 1 melon;
- 1 lemon;
150 ml dry white wine;
- 150 g of powdered sugar;
- 2 peach.

The pulp of a melon cut into slices and pour sugar. From lemon squeeze the juice and mix it with a dry white wine. Pour this sauce over the pieces of melon and put on 40 minutes in the refrigerator. With peaches, remove the skin and cut the flesh into small cubes. Before serving, garnish their salad with melon.

Salad with pineapple and apples

Exotic this dessert gives an unusual salad dressing. To prepare fruit salad of pineapple and apples it is necessary to take:
- ½ Pineapple;
- 2 apples;
- 1 bunch of seedless grapes;
- 1 banana;
- ½Cans of condensed milk;
- 125 g of mayonnaise;
- the leaves of green salad.

Pineapple, Apple and banana peel and cut into slices. All mix and add the grapes. Mix the condensed milk with the mayonnaise and season the sauce the fruit. Mix well. Decorate the finished dish with green salad.