You will need
  • - ammonia
  • - vinegar
  • - detergent
Light cleaning of sofas depending on the kind alucinogenas bright sofa upholstery requires special care. Soak a rag in soapy water, in a circular motion RUB the stain, wet spot dry with a dry cloth.
Jacquard sofa cover is dense and durable. To clean the light sofas of this upholstery, use dry cleaning with a brush.
Flock, consisting of nylon pile is an inexpensive and practical material, applied on a cotton basis in the form of application. Use chemical cleaning to remove stains from the sofa of bright flock.
Tapestry – upholstery high strength material has an interesting pattern. For cleaning, wash the sofa upholstery, or use dry cleaning.
Bright velour sofa easy to clean. Use a dry cleaning with a soft brush.
Bright suede sofas is due to the special impregnation of furniture have dirt and water repellent properties. For upholstery cleaning use a dry, wet, chemical cleaning or wash light suede upholstery.
Removing stains from upholstery light diwanapan. For the monthly light cleaning of upholstery of dust vacuum clean the sofa.
Coffee. A solution of vinegar and detergent zamoste the coffee stain, dry cloth to dry the wet fabric.
Fruit juice. Apply on the stain a mixture of ammonia and vinegar, allow the upholstery to dry. The old stain from the juice macerate with water and remove with a soft brush.
Beer. Wipe the stain with soap and water to remove odor clean the upholstery of a weak vinegar solution.
Chewing gum. Attach to pollution a bag of ice, after hardening of the chewing gum remove it with a blunt object.
Blood. Quickly rinse off the blood in cold water with light upholstery sofa.
Jam and chocolate. Dry spot clean with a brush, the remains of samite warm soapy water. Use a dry cloth to dry the excess moisture.
Traces of the marker or pen. Samite stains with acetone, let dry. Then rinse with water, dry with a dry cloth.
Red wine. Quickly blot the liquid, sprinkle the stain with salt. After drying, spot vacuum or brush.