As a bottom fishing rod many experienced anglers using conventional spinning, specially converted for bottom fishing. Spinning as a bottom fishing rod allows for long casts bait and facilitates the playing of large instances. At the end of the line is fixed a flat sinker, and on a separate leash with a length of about 150 mm attached single hook. The leash is attached to a fishing line at 200 mm above the sinkers.
Some species of fish, e.g., perch, abhors a rough tackle. When fishing this production is impractical to use on the bottom rod is thick fishing line and a few leashes to reduce the number of bites. The big fish bites when fishing bottom fishing rod is usually expressed in the shaking Lodge.
When fishing on the Donk well-proven sinkers in the form of anchors. For the manufacture of such sinkers take a brass tube with a diameter of 15 mm and a length of 60 mm. Insert in a tube three wire rod with a diameter of 2 mm and a length of 100 mm and fill with lead. At one end of the tube secure the ring to the fishing line. Come out the other side the ends of the wire curve in the form of anchors.
When casting such weights legs of the anchors to hold the nozzle in place, clinging to the ground, and when removing the gear legs are unbent and not impede the movement of the fishing line with a nozzle or caught fish.