You will need
  • -the document proving the identity
  • -application to the water utility
  • -project and technical documents are reserved by the Department of architecture and urban planning
  • -a contract with a licensed organization in connection to the Central highway
  • tube
  • -clutch
  • cranes
  • tape FUM
  • -water meter
  • -a contract with a water utility supply and payment of water
If you wish to connect to a Central water supply, write an application to the water utility's desire to hold the water in your house. You will draft and technical documents that you want to enroll in the Department of architecture of your area.
Laying water pipe and frame to the Central network can realize the organization licensed to conduct these activities. Enclose with the organization contract.
Dig a trench, lead-in pipe water to your houseat you on its own. It is necessary to dig below the level of soil freezing.
Don't forget to buy a tube of the required length and couplings. You will need a faucet that is placed at the exit of the Central highway and at the entrance directly in the house, tape FUM and insulated pipe materials. After all the preparatory work you will hold water.
Immediately install a water meter and sign a utility contract for the supply of water and energy bill.
If your location does not pass the Central street of the aqueduct, work with the appropriate organization and you will drill a well for water. Pipes and joints, these organizations set their own.
You will only have to pay for their services, to buy a pump station and a pipe extending from the well to the faucet.
By connecting to the well pump station, you will obtain your water from the tap, which do not need to pay. Only for electricity, which will consume the pump.
To this water you can connect a water titans, washing and MSRPhousekechnie machine and a shower in the connection of the Central water supply.
Having no desire to pay for the drilling of the well may hold water proginov pipe from well to house. In this case, the well is immersed special sump pump for pumping water.