You will need
  • - bleach;
  • brush;
  • bucket;
  • - rag;
  • - a long stick.
Cleaning of wells and disinfection of water is vital when it includes parts of plant organisms, animals or birds, and also in that case, if the oil gets into the water from the pump. Absolutely no difference that was the cause of water pollution – the mouse, cat, dirty shoes or a frog. Do not expose your body of danger, because your health related to the quality of water consumed.
Before the disinfection procedure is necessary to completely drain the water from the well. Drench or wipe the walls of the well with chlorine solution, it is possible to use a stick wrapped with cloth or brush. This solution can be obtained if diluted twenty grams of chloride of lime in a liter of water.
When the well is filled with water, fill it with a bleach solution. Make a solution based on the following calculations: in one liter of water is necessary to take two hundred grams of lime. To prepare the disinfectant solution, take a clean container and pour desired amount of cold water (do not use warm water, because chlorine evaporates out of it quickly). Then pour bleach and tightly cover dish. Leave the solution for infusion. Drain the top layer of liquid without turbidity in another bowl.
Pour the prepared solution into the well and mix thoroughly with a long stick or buckets, which are gaining water from the well and pour it back. The principle of mixing of the following: lift the full bucket and pour the water back into the well. Repeat this procedure five to ten times.
Upon completion of the disinfection procedure, completely deflate the water from the well and replace with fresh. Moreover, this operation must be performed until, until you wear off the chlorine smell. Then the walls of the well pour abundantly with clean water. Even after that it is recommended some time to use well water only in a boiled kind. It may take a little more than a week.