You will need
  • - the net;
  • vacuum cleaner to clean the bottom;
  • - chemicals — fertilizers;
  • - fine-meshed network;
  • - ultraviolet lamps;
  • - system biofiltration;
  • - a sufficient number of green plants.
The natural balance of the reservoir is formed rather quickly. To support it, regularly remove the appearance of all the garbage that is applied by the wind, and fallen leaves. Keep it free of debris on the bottom of the pond, otherwise you'll start the process of decay. If possible, clean the bottom of the reservoir each fall.
To protect the surface of the pond in the autumn period of leaf fall pull on him fine-meshed network that will hold on all the fallen leaves.
For pond cleaning use bottom cleaner. It allows you to remove the dirt from the bottom, pulling it in a special container, then throw it into the drainage system.
With the heat beginning the water in the reservoir becomes a greenish color. This is caused by the multiplication in it of the simplest of the algae. Especially quickly becomes cloudy water in small ponds with shallow depth — after all, they warmed up quite quickly, thus are created ideal conditions for the development of these algae. So think ahead about what plants to plant in your pond that they cover from the sun, creating shade and protecting the water from overheating. Usually it is flowers and large floating leaves.
Plant the pond with water lilies and egg capsules. Put also oxygenerator plants that will fill the water with oxygen. These include hornwort, canadian canadian bog.
Aquatic plants are a natural filter for the water. Therefore, in order to achieve a biological balance, plant a third of the pond plants. Just keep in mind, each species is planted at a certain depth.
If the water began to thicken, and plants have not yet well developed, then use chemicals — algaecides. But they approach with caution, as they can harm plants and is not entirely safe for humans.
Well contributes to water purification and oxygenation of the pond fountain or stream. Therefore, if you do not lay these decorative items before construction of the pond, think about how you can build in the future.
If your pond ornamental fish to water purification approach more seriously. Use a special lamp with ultraviolet light, as well as complex systems of biofiltration.