You will need
  • - shungite;
  • - zeolite;
  • - activated charcoal
The filter, which consists of minerals and different elements, is poured into the well for a period of 5 years. After this period it must be removed. You will need to calculate the amount of minerals necessary for the well. Moreover, it should be done in navodaya period. Thus, in 1000 l of water will need 100 kg of minerals.
When you install a water filter in the pit should observe the following proportions:
• shungite — 60%;
• activated carbon — 20%;
• zeolite — 20%.
Getting to the water purification, you need to know how important each of the minerals in the process. Shungite is a natural water purifier. Color schungite maybe different: black, brown or dark gray. Healing properties of shungite have been known since ancient times, and this mineral is widely used in alternative medicine. Now scientists have proved that shungit has the unique bactericidal (cleansing) properties, pozvolyayuschimi most effectively filter harmful substances in water. Organochlorine substances, in particular dioxins and radicals are present in the composition of any untreated water. If you drink untreated water, therefore putting their health in varying degrees of danger. This is largely dependent on wastewater treatment facilities on highways public water supply. So shungite is the main mineral in the water filtration system, and it must be used. Its importance in this process cannot be overemphasized, it is a natural material with unique properties.
Functions of natural zeolite for water filtration is also very important. Zeolite disinfects the water. Some tourists use the properties of this mineral in the campaigns in the far distance. There are also special filters for water disinfection in which the main active substance is a zeolite. This filter ensures that can be a long time to keep the water in a purified condition. All known germs, bacteria and viruses powerless before the mineral zeolite.
Activated carbon facilitates efficient water purification from iron impurities. Iron is a very undesirable element in water. First, it appears the sediment, resulting in plumbing equipment wears out pretty quickly. Second, the iron very much affect the taste of drinking water. And, thirdly, the constant use of water containing iron can cause unfavorable changes in the morphological composition of the blood, and cause various skin diseases.
Where to begin cleaning the well? First of all, you need to prepare the bottom of the well. Preparation of the bottom of the well can be one of two options:
Option 1: clay bottom enough. In this case, you will need to fine quartz sand. It is preferable to use heat-treated sand, which does not contain iron. Use of fraction 0.1-0.5 mm number approx 60-80 kg (layer 4 cm).
Option 2: the bottom represents the soil saturated with water. In this case you will need to stack the die. The weight of the dies can be 30 to 35 kg, depending on the size of your well. The die is placed on the 15 - 40 cm
Then you put the shungite, zeolite and activated carbon. Note: in that order. In addition, also take note: shungite after appropriate treatment can be further reused.