You will need
  • account on the social network Facebook;
  • browser.
The easiest way to limit access to materials posted on the Facebook page is the privacy setting by default. To adjust its settings, log in to your account and click on the rightmost button in the main menu, having the form of a triangle. In the list that appears, select "Privacy".
In the opened window, select "Friends" if you want the contents of your page was seen only by users from the friends list. If you prefer to narrow or broaden the range of people who can use the contents of your profile, select "user Settings".
Select from the drop-down list user group, which by default will see the materials posted on your page. Can select "friends of Friends", "Specific people or lists" or "Only me". By selecting "friends of Friends" and "Only me" does not require clarification. After you select "Specific people or lists" text box, type the user names or the names of user lists for which your page will remain open.
If you want to hide the contents of your page from a small amount of people listed in the friends list, enter their names in the "can't see". This option can be used and in that case, if you make your page available to friends of friends. To save the new settings, click "Save changes".
To verify that the selected settings, go back to your profile page and click on the "View as". It can be seen in the upper right part of the window. Typing in the text box, the user name Facebook, you will be able to evaluate, both from the point of view of this person looks your page.
If you want to restrict access to just their publications can do so by using the audience selector. Button this switch can be seen in the bottom right of the post. Hover the cursor on the icon and use the popup button arrows. Select from the drop-down list the group of users of the social network, which is available for publication.