The situation is unpleasant, but it can cope. Use the search on the Internet. Of course, you will have to spend a little more time than searching for a familiar game, but it's worth it. You can search according to various parameters, it all depends on what you remember about the you are interested in the game.
To start in field, specify what you are looking for is a game, not a movie or a book. Next, enter the information about the game, which you are aware. You can specify in the query to which platform it came out and what year and genre. If you remember the name of the developer, the name game, the name of the protagonist or other characters in the game to include them. This will greatly facilitate the search.
No need to open each found according to the query resource. Prefer gaming portals and torrent trackers with a separate section for games. On such resource information is always systematic: the name of the game, the developer, release date, PC requirements and a few screenshots of the game.
If you know you need the game was popular in any given year, review ratings of games. They often consist of magazines and specialized Internet sites. Ratings describes the gameplay, often the trailers and screenshots. You can activate your visual memory at the time of their viewing.
In that case, if you can only remember what looked like the game world, it is better to view the search results in the photographs (e.g., Google Images). Search phrases Express the same. When you see a familiar picture, go to the source and read the name of the game is taken from the frame.
Double-check yourself by asking the search engine the name that you read. If additional photos, a description of the plot or other details have dispelled your doubts, congratulate yourself with a victory. If no, return to previous search criteria. Given that users are happy to share impressions about different games, finding new games can be quite quick and productive.