On the one hand, planning the sex of a baby seems impossible. But the parents hope for the best, trying all possible ways to give birth to him of whom you dream. Here are just a few of the ways most often used by couples hoping to give birth to twins.Folk methods.Even our ancestors tried to program the sex of the baby, drinking all sorts of concoctions of herbs, saying prayers, and turned to witches and sorcerers, immediately before "process" is placed under the pillow of different items like dried chicken feet. In other words, they tried to influence the sex of the baby.
The sex of the baby
The Method Of Shettles.Now there are many different techniques that help you "order" a baby. It is quite likely, but none of them give an absolute guarantee - the Method of Shettles, for example, scheduling the time of conception or special diet. Want a girl - give up potatoes, and fruits boy – eliminate from your diet foods that contain calcium and magnesium. In short, if you set a goal to have a baby of a particular gender, you need all the tools to use.
The administration of specific drugs and artificial insemination.To plan the birth of twins is difficult at times. High probability of birth of twins is, those families in which this predisposition is inherited, often through the generation. And if not? Then come to the aid of modern science, which, if not give an absolute guarantee, then at least the chance of a multiple pregnancy will increase. For example, if a woman is undergoing infertility treatment and to take drugs that stimulate the growth of eggs in her body increases the probability of maturation of several oocytes at the same time, accordingly, the chances of having multiple pregnancies is increased. Multiple pregnancy can occur with artificial insemination, such cases are known to many. The doctor deliberately misleads the uterus of a woman a few fertilized eggs, and the likelihood that it will survive two or three large enough.
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