For the first time give him just a spoonful of juice — after feeding, the second time — two teaspoons, gradually increasing this amount to 1/4 Cup.

Of course, you need to be very careful because different organisms have different perceptions of the same food. If you notice that the stool of a baby is rare or that he vomits, stop giving juice for a few days. Children prone to constipation, unable to juice in larger quantities.

At the 5th month can increase the amount of juice to half glass, giving it 2-3 times a day after feeding or in between feedings. You can prepare juice of carrots, cherries, lemons, oranges, grapes, tomatoes, lettuce, etc.

In winter, the child is still at the 3rd month of life you can give fish oil. First give one drop in a spoon with expressed milk. Gradually increase to half a teaspoon, and finally brought to 1-2 teaspoons a day. But we should not forget that children are often suffering from gastrointestinal disorder, fish oil contraindicated.

Starting with the 5th month the child is good to give 5% from toasted cereal flour or semolina or vegetable puree. This food contains many nutrients necessary for growth of the organism — proteins, mineral salts, calcium, phosphorus, and especially iron, the stock of which in the liver of the child by this time exhausted. Feed your child 5 times a day in about 3.5 hours.

Complementary feeding of semolina or flour porridge should also be performed gradually, starting with 1-2 teaspoons before breast-feeding. Increase this number so that by the end of the week it could entirely replace one breast-feeding. Mess children make better than mashed potatoes; but there are children, such as diuretic, for which it is useful to begin feeding directly with a vegetable puree. To start complementary feeding at the time when the child is perfectly healthy. It is not recommended to start solid foods in the summer.

When the child gets used to the 5% oatmeal, start to give him 10%, which is much more nutritious. Starting with the 5th of the month can also give the child fruit and milk pudding. In addition to milk, the porridge can be cooked in vegetable stock, adding it to the yogurt.

Recommended by the end of the 6th month to give a child a lunch of vegetable puree, leaving the mess for the afternoon. At the same time twice a week put him in the mess in half the yolk, well cooked and mashed.

By the end of the 7th month morning breast-feeding it is useful to replace soaked in boiling water the sweet biscuit with the addition of crumbled cheese and butter. For lunch, before vegetable puree give the child 30-50 grams of meat or vegetable broth. In the broth you can add some rice or semolina — nothing else to put in it should not be.