You will need
  • assets in the amount of 1.6 billion roubles;
  • - required documents;
  • - copies of qualification documents.
Before you apply for licensing, declare all the betting that will be listed in the license. Guide the certification of premises of banks, requirements which are similar to the requirements to Bank premises. To apply you must have assets in the amount of 1.6 billion rubles. A billion of them must have net assets of 0.5 billion – on Bank guarantee and 100 millions shall be authorized capital generated from Nonlending tools. Complete all requirements that apply to the equipment checkout and certification programs.
To obtain the license for bookmaker's office must be on the basis of the application submitted to the licensing authority. In this case, write a statement about the license in the name of the head of the Federal Agency for physical culture, sport and tourism.
Prepare the necessary package of documents, Appendix to the application. It will be part of the founding documents, notarized copies of the organization's Charter, certificates on assignment of an INN and OGRN, certified copies of documents confirming the right of ownership or lease of the licensee to buildings, structures and facilities necessary for the exercise of betting activities.
Write a list of buildings and structures with the addresses, which will be the betting activities. As an application, complete and attach plans of premises of gambling institutions on all listed locations. On each tick the service area of gambling participants, service area and the location of the offices of the sweepstakes or the cashier of the bookmaker, if it is planned separately.
Attach copies of documents confirming the qualification of employees of your company, whose job will be to ensure the safety of players and all other visitors of bookmaker. If such services will provide a third-party organization, attach a copy of the contract with her.
Take a law enforcement certificate stating that the licence applicants, founders of the company is not removed or outstanding conviction for economic crimes or for those that are crimes of medium gravity, grave and especially grave.
In addition, you will need to attach copies of documents confirming the amount and legality of the sources of share capital and copies of documents confirming that you have a license irrevocable Bank guarantee.