So, in order to choose the right sunblock, you should know your own skin type. The first type can be attributed to white, often with freckles and a pink tinge. This skin is not likely tans, and burns instantly. Therefore, in this case no cream on the beach is not enough. For this type of skin cream with the highest sun protection - SPF 30. Funds with the lowest protection factor will not save you from burns.
The second type includes the owners of light skin, sometimes with the presence of freckles, have blond hair, green or grey eyes. Without the cream, you can be in the sun for only fifteen minutes without getting sunburn. The first time it is recommended to use tools with a degree of protection SPF 30 or SPF 20, but when you get a small sunburn - SPF 8 or SPF 10.
The third type includes people with brown eyes and dark blonde or brown hair, their skin has a brownish hue. Such get a tan, chocolate and Golden. The skin is not burned in thirty minutes of sun exposure. In the first week relaxing on the beach, use a cream with protection SPF 15, further suitable SPF 8 or SPF 6.
Fourth photo – dark-eyed and dark-skinned brunettes. They can safely tan in the sun without any tools and without the fear of getting a sunburn, for forty minutes. The first rest time, protect your skin with a cream with SPF 10 protection, then SPF 6.
Suntan products are chemical and mineral. Creams contain mineral based oils and herbs, and the chemical – factory synthetics. The filters are also different, some only reflect UV rays, while others are able to prevent radiation into harmless heat. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase cream with mineral components, as the chemical can cause skin irritation.
Check the cream on allergenicity, you will be able to avoid the negative consequences. Apply a small amount of suntan on the inside of the elbow or wrist, if within an hour there was an unpleasant burning, itching or skin began to redden – give up the purchase of cream, it doesn't suit you.
When choosing a cream, pay attention to its expiration date, as expired the tool is able to do far more harm than its absence. If you are planning not only to sunbathe but also to swim, choose a water resistant cream that will be more tolerant to moisture and is not so quickly washed away. Useful properties – resistant to sweat and sand.