In choosing a gift a girl on her 12th birthday is first necessary to consider the point that in this age, a young lady begins to form a desired image of an adult woman she wants to become in the future. This birthday is a milestone, when the child enters from childhood to adolescence. At this age, all, without exception, the children dream about is the best: if it is a computer mouse, the most advanced, if the bike most comfortable. But seeing that as a gift he gave not the subject of dreams, and a cheaper alternative, if you get upset for a short while.

Gifts that will help you in learning and child development

The most practical from the point of view of the parent, a gift is any school affiliation. But choosing it, it is necessary to consider that the variant was bright, festive and memorable. You can buy stylish and high-quality calculator, which will accompany the student for several years of school study. The actual gift – gift set of encyclopedias or books about the rules of etiquette, what a passionate girl. If it's needlework, along with the book, it is desirable to give her a matching set.

When a child has a laptop, a great gift for 12 years will stand under this technique. It will allow the girl to do or play in a more comfortable environment and not just sitting at the table. In addition, the stand will prevent the laptop from overheating, as many models are equipped with cooling elements that operate from a USB port. Cheap mobile phone decorated with an interesting "girlish" accessory will be the pride of the young ladies.

Actual gifts for 12 years girls

12 years for girls – a significant milestone. Usually at this age so beloved and necessary in the recent past, dolls and soft toys have much less interest. To help develop girls the proper way grown-up girls, you can buy a set for care of nails with which young lady will learn to do manicures. At this age, girls get their secrets, the little things or the papers that she wished to hide from prying eyes. So you can buy her small delicate chest or safe that is locked with a key. In it, she will be able to keep the most dear to her heart items.

At the age of 12 many girls like to trust your inner feelings and thoughts to paper and keep a personal journal. To maintain this hobby can be, giving a child a birthday is a beautiful Notepad with a padlock. Professional photo shoot – another great idea to please a young lady. The resulting photos she'll be proud to show your friends. There is no doubt that in 12 years all girls dream about the way of centerfolds. Photo shoot will help her feel it. But whatever the gift, neither was chosen, it must Express the love, attention and care of the giver to the birthday girl.