Child care is typical for representatives of all modern cultures and Nations. However, any rule there are exceptions, so on tapes of news agencies and then there are the shocking news of cruelty to children coming from different countries. The children's day, held all over the world confirms their right to life, protection from physical and psychological violence, to freedom of opinion and religion, education and leisure, protection from child labor exploitation. The main legal document confirming the rights of the child, is the "Convention on the rights of the child" adopted by UN in November 1989.
To the day of protection of children it is dated many festive events. There are charity events, the whole collection from which goes to help children, involving the most famous artists, athletes, and businessmen. Musicians and singers performed for kids recitals, at times coming specially to perform in orphanages and hospitals. In theaters and cinemas in this day, children show the best performances and movies.
In Russia enough the big development was the unofficial movement, organizing assistance to orphanages. In day of protection of children and their representatives carry them home pre-assembled gifts. Assistance is given in other days, the coordination of the activities of such communities is via the Internet.
In many cities the first of June in parks and places of rest for the children arranged a variety of entertainment events. Work rides, fairs, conducted quizzes and contests with gifts giving. So, in Moscow was held a children's drawing competition, worked for several creative workshops: pastry school "Chocolatiers", workshops of making puppets, sand painting, creating 3D crafts. In Moscow parks (Babushkinskaya, the Bauman garden, the "Perovsky" and "Kuzminki"), a festival of animation "mul'tyashkino".
A number of competitions related to road safety was organized by the traffic police. These activities help children to learn the rules of crossing the street, to get acquainted with the methods of first aid. Festive events on the first of June took place in other cities of Russia. The children's day is celebrated once a year, so it's important to care about the younger generation is not restricted to this date.