Advice 1: What to do when pressured

Many people are periodically faced with psychological pressure, which can manifest in different ways. Pressured parents, so the kids met their expectations, pressured friends, the bureaucracy, the state.
What to do when pressured

By and large, for people living in the modern technocratic state, crushed daily. Surrounding usually want something: friends, colleagues, sellers in the store. If their desires do not match yours you start to press. Hidden crush advertising, media, and politics. But there are more obvious and difficult to resolve conflicts, when people are blackmailed, extorted from them a bribe, that is, birds of a feather, but in every situation, you need to find your way out.

When you are under pressure family or loved ones is always a conflict of opinions, interests. May be the pressure "the good" when a friend or relative offer you the best, in their opinion, the version of events that differs from your chosen. In this case, analyze both points of view, try to calculate the consequences of these moves. Perhaps you should listen to your "advice", especially if he is more competent. For example, the teacher can exert pressure, so that the student still learn the subject. Or the parents forbid the little child to communicate with "bad company."

But most of the pressure comes from selfishness. Surrounding try to intervene in the course of your life so you do as they choose. And they may not always realize it. So, a mother can dissuade him from that wedding, if it is something not liked in the bride or she is afraid of being abandoned. Mother thinks that she advises for the good, but it says only her selfishness. Similar cases are many. If you were under such pressure ones, is to talk with them straight. Explain why your choice is best for you. But do it gently. Let man understand that you love and respect him, but want to make decisions in his own life. In no case do not show aggression, don't try to actively "defend", otherwise the opponent is more convinced of the correctness.

Try to accept the instructions, the possible abuse with a smile. Remember that no one your life for you will not survive, and no negative relationship did not improve. In the end, the decision you make by yourself. But if it depends on and the lives of others, you will have to reckon with their opinion. Questions on spending in the family, moving, etc. should be addressed collectively. If in your opinion they still don't listen, try to involve an outside expert who impartially assessed the situation.

There are situations in which you need to be firm. If you stick to the chosen line, then people will stop pushing and sooner or later will accept your choice. But sometimes the situation leads to acceptance of each other. In this case, unless there is a third option, will have something to give, and you must carefully weigh the possible consequences.

Advice 2 : Home walls — supports fans, or psychological pressure?

In sports there is a common belief that home help wall. By definition, with the support of their fans confront rivals easier, but there are also opposite cases, when the athletes can not stand the psychological pressure from the responsibility that they have, and do not show the level that you expect from their fans.
Home walls — supports fans, or psychological pressure?

On different continents is hosting internal competitions – the European championship, Copa America, Asian Cup, African Cup of Nations and CONCACAF Gold Cup. In each of them there were times when the walls was provided by home teams win. Most of these examples, of course, was in the South American Copa America is the oldest of all these. Most often when their audience is the trophy received by the players of Uruguay – 7 times. One home win less in Argentina. "Ball magicians from Brazil has been successful four times. In Africa a slight advantage is the team of Ghana, twice won tournaments on its territory, in 1963 and 1978. Asian Cup at home went to Iran often, but also only 2 times (the other 5 victors have the assets of one successful performance).

Continental European cohort of Champions, winning in their fields – the most modest of all. Only three teams once celebrated a home success Spain (1964), Italy (1968) and France's legendary Michel Platini in composition (1984).

Unifying tournament for all football confederations are the Olympic games, and in 1930 joined the World championship, the first of which, by the way, became victorious for taking the national team of Uruguay. The first Olympics also won the organizers of the games – players from the UK. They once were the best on the planet within Mundial. Then, in 1966, composed of the founding fathers of the game shone the legendary Sir Bobby Charlton led his team to victory. All in the history of the Olympic football tournament two teams were able to treat their fans with what is called "on the spot". In 1920, the Belgians won the tournament in Antwerp, and the gold went to Barcelona Spain. The last one was the best football team in the world face their own fans, were the French in the already distant 1998. And before them, native walls helped Italy, Germany (FRG), Argentina, as well as the above mentioned national teams of Uruguay and England.

Women's football also saw the described cases. In 1999, American women, most often becoming the strongest on the planet, won the title of world Champions at the tournament in the United States that was the only such occurrence of its kind. Girls from the country of stars and stripes became the best in the standings Olympics – the debut of women's soccer at the Summer games in Atlanta.

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