Sitting on a diet, remember that you will have to surrender not only of bread but all flour products – bread, biscuits and, especially, cookies. Any diet starts with planning a menu. Do not immediately experience your body vegetarian salads and water. The goal of the diet is that the time to abandon the use of only flour products, especially bread.
At the initial stage of the diet you will learn to overcome his craving for easily digestible carbohydrates which are in bread contains a large amount of. That's why it's so delicious and hearty. At the same time try to avoid too dense Breakfast. Then, during the day, it will be difficult to get rid of heaviness in the stomach. First of all, you need to make up for the lack of carbohydrates. For this purpose, suitable fruit or light yogurt. The best solution is to combine all together to make a fruit salad. The morning also allowed to drink a Cup of sweet tea or coffee.
At lunch try a delicious and hearty meal to have an hour not to run for snacking. Boil chicken or beef, cook potatoes. By the way, pasta is also pastry, so don't try to replace the piece of bread. For garnish you can use any cereal. Since the diet prohibits bread, you can add my menu a couple of cutlets or fish. Tea, with sugar or without – at your request, I can drink with something sweet. For example, marmalade or candy.
Prepare a light dinner. Remember that the rejection of bread does not give you the right to take it out on other products. Avoid eating late at night foods that are difficult to digest. These include mushrooms in any form, meat and fish, foods containing large amounts of iron – garnet, seafood. At the end of the day treat stomach easy hot soup or puree. Make a vegetable salad. Don't forget that you can eat all dairy products.
Don't assume that the diet is limited to three meals a day. Between meals, you can do a small snack in the form of yogurt, cottage cheese, fruit or glass of juice. Even salad vegetables are not hurt. During the day you can safely drink kefir and mineral water. Stock up on dried fruits if you want something sweet. You can also use nuts, not too late.