You will need
  • money to share capital and registration fee;
  • - documents of the founders (passport);
  • Protocol on the establishment;
  • - the Charter of the LLC;
  • the registration statement;
  • receipt about payment of state duty;
  • - PC with Internet access.
Opening the tire in Belarus, remember that this kind of activity in the Republic is not licensed, but are subject to mandatory certification. The procedure is performed in accordance with the requirements of STB 1175-2011 "Service organizations service center. The procedure". Read its terms and conditions:
Apply to the certification body:; Define the legal and organizational basis of your business. Keep in mind that it is more convenient to issue future operations of a tire workshop within the framework of a limited liability company.
In the Republic of Belarus, in contrast to Russian law, cannot be registered LLC with one member. Its minimal composition - two founders. In determining the upper limit position of the neighboring countries are the same - not more than 50 employees. Share capital is determined by the owners and divided into shares.
Registering a company in Belarus, you need to have 50% of the share capital during the year, forming the rest of him. Open a temporary Bank account and Deposit funds the share capital. Register your firm, please list them on a permanent account. Define the business plan, carefully considered the potential costs and their payback periods. If you doubt your abilities, contact a professional analyst.
Pick a catchy sounding name for a future company. Please note that in Belarus it is necessary to make it in advance, agreed on a name before you register. Find a convenient location for tire shop, taking into account the favorable proximity to highways and availability of required utilities. Check your selection to the Executive Committee or the Minsk city Executive Committee (if you live in Minsk) and prepare the founding documents.
Read in the Internet with existing programs of support of small business in Belarus ({NRPA). Perhaps participation in one of them will pay for part of the investments in the production of the means or gives you certain tax benefits. Pay fee in the amount of 175 000 Belarusian rubles.
Make a statement about the registration of the company signed by all founders and submit your collected package of documents for consideration to the tax office at the place of residence. You can start to work after 5 days from the date of registration during which the company will be put on record in the state structures.
Along with the decision of legal issues, consider the practical component of your activities, evaluating the financial side of the project. Remember that quality customer service is a tire shop and successful operation of the enterprise as a whole depend on the qualified personnel, reliable equipment and a properly sized tool.