In the first place will need a tire changer. It can be automatic or semi-automatic. In the first - rotation of the table and presser foot have pneumatic actuator. Such a machine does not require more physical effort, which significantly increases productivity. That is why the tire portion with a large flow of vehicles it is recommended to purchase the automatic machine. Semi-automatic tire changer machine the presser foot is lowered manually by pressing down on the shaft. Fixation is the mechanical device that automatically rotates the table. That is why the machine is called semi-automatic. To eliminate damage to tires, tubes and other works associated with the vulcanization of rubber must be purchased vulcanizer. This device works on the principle of the press. The lid or cell with the patch clamped from two parties for the implementation of tighter bonding. Heating elements, between which are fixed materials that provide cohesion. Selecting the vulcanizer, it is necessary to pay attention to the presence of the timer, which will ease the work. For the exercise of balancing need a special machine, of which there are on the market are a great many. There are balancing machines with manual parameter input, manual drive and brake, and there is the whole balancing and diagnostic centers, where all the action takes place in automatic mode. The main requirement for this device is the possibility of balancing the cast and steel wheels with an accuracy of not more than 1G. Most often, the tyre area apply piston compressor. The pressure device must be at least 10 bar, because the pressure of tire changer machine is from 8 to 10 bar. If you are using one such a machine would be enough to install the compressor with the storage volume 50 litres. But if you plan to connect additional equipment, you will need a compressor volume of the receiver from 100 liters.Bath tire allows you to check on the leak chamber and tubeless tires, and also to look for signs of punctures and cuts. However, this type of equipment is not required. Do not forget about purchasing supplies, such as patches, raw rubber, valves, balance weights, cleaners, tire mounting paste, valve, wiring, etc.