Advice 1: Who won the award Muz-TV

Muz-TV is an annual landmark for the world of show-business event. Held on the first of June 2012 the ceremony brought awards to worthy representatives of the Russian music scene and beyond.
Who won the award Muz-TV

Muz-TV 2012 was the anniversary - this time it was held for the tenth time. In connection with a jubilee the organizers have prepared a special show with many surprises for the audience. Guests at the event were such well-known figures of show business, as Ani Lorak, Tree, Timur Rodriguez, Nyusha, Bi-2, Timati and many other Russian pop stars.

The awards were handed out at the Olympic stadium, and one of the main, "Best performer", was handed over to Dima Bilan. In this category he competed with artists such as Philip Kirkorov, Grigory Leps, Dan and his longtime rival Sergei Lazarev.

"The best singer" was the singer Tree that vote bypassed Vera Brezhneva, Ani Lorak, Nyusha, and even Zemfira.

Two major awards, which guests waited for the most, was eclipsed by thirteen other singers, singers and musical groups, which also won the silver plates.

In the nomination "Best song" winner was Jane with her song "Higher." Saucer for "Best album" went to "Degrees".

"Best pop band" on the tenth anniversary of the award Muz-TV was a group of "Vintage" plate for the "Best rock band" received "Beasts". In the category "Best rock band" for the seventh time the winner is call them, so sharp fight among the other candidates was observed.

Muz-TV covers many musical directions. After the pop and rock of the jury moved on to hip-hop, the winner in the nomination "Best hip-hop project was the group "band'eros".

The young actors have not yet obtained universal recognition, but which attracted attention to his person and work, competed for first place in the nomination "Breakthrough of the year". Got it Max Barskih.

Evaluated not only the songs, but their video feed. Nomination "Best music video" gave victory song "Snow" by Philip Kirkorov, the Director of which was made by Alan Badoev.

"The best duet" was the collaboration of the group "Disco Crash" and Christina Aguilera, which resulted in the creation of the song "weather Forecast".

"The best concert show" the audience of the channel Muz-TV called the concert of Philip Kirkorov called "ДруGоу" held at the State Kremlin Palace.

The main concert venue in 2012 was the Olympic stadium , which in the tenth time took to stage the award Muz-TV.

The organizers took care about the special prizes. So, "For contribution to the development of the music industry" the plate was awarded to Igor Krutoy. Handed her Emmanuel Vitorgan and Joseph Kobzon. This award was the first from the channel Muz-TV for Cool.

"For contribution in life" plate went to Mikhail Gorbachev. It got his granddaughter Ksenia from the hands of Vyacheslav Fetisov and Svetlana Zakharova.

Advice 2 : Who won the Muz-TV 2015

5, 2015 was the 13th annual music award Muz-TV "gravity". Contrary to tradition the venue was a sports complex "Astana-arena" in the capital of Kazakhstan. The winners are rejoicing and the people waiting for the speech of the owners of silver platters in the Kremlin.

Despite the name "gravity" (gravity), many of the nominees could barely stand on his feet. Reason: strong gusts of wind and rain. The weather was opposed to the show.

Not without incident – the red carpet was carried away by the wind, producer Yana Rudkovskaya broke the phone, and Nikita Presnyakov with bandmate crushed metal a backdrop during a photo shoot. The singer escaped with slight concussion and a bruise of the shoulder.

Leading award: Ksenia Sobchak, Andrey Malakhov, Maxim Galkin and Lera Kudryavtseva in difficult conditions, kept his composure and even joked. The leaky roof of the stadium and the unbearable heat inside the room also did not prevent the award to take place.

Among the first honored the memory of the unexpectedly deceased 28 APR singer Batyrkhan Shukenov, noting his contribution to the development of the music industry of Russia and Kazakhstan. In the category "Best album won the singer Emin album-revelation "Clean", and best pop group for the second consecutive year, becoming the group Serebro, this time in its new composition. Rock best band was a group of "Animals".

The winner in the nomination "the Best concert show" became Dima Bilan, recently celebrated with a Grand concert of his 33rd birthday. "Breakthrough of the year" marked Egor creed, and this is not surprising – the last time the guy literally blew up the video charts with their new songs.


"The best duet"showed the band VIA Gra and the ILO teamed in the hit song "Oxygen" two weeks holding strong positions in the Russian charts. Grown-up and similar hair and outfit on the ancient goddess, singer Nyusha with her hit single "Tsunami" has won the status of"the Best songs".


The love of the audience still did not leave Philip Kirkorov – with the support of fans, the singer received the title of "Best performer". The women's title in this category deserve Ani Lorak.


The prize for the best video received Anita Tsoy with the video for "my air, My love," Sergey Lazarev music video "7 digits" and a couple in love: Nikolai Baskov with his wife Sophie by touching and sincere video for "You're my happiness".

For best song in a foreign language a plate handed to the Russian electronic band "ALIEN24" for the song "Vally". Kazakhstan also did not remain without gifts: in the nomination "Best artist of Kazakhstan" won the young singer Kairat Nurtas.

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