A change of scenery. Do not have to throw all our savings on fabulous expensive holiday in the Maldives. Can be great to spend time with friends in the old country, to go with her husband in a canoe trip, go on the black sea coast of Krasnodar region or to travel by car to places that you always wanted to see. The main thing is to get out of their city. You will be surprised how the return will change your views on many familiar and seemingly immutable things.
Join the active lifestyle. In the winter it's difficult to force myself to get out on the street cold in the darkness. And in the summer, when the day is long and the sun shines late, it's time to learn how to ride on rollers, ride a bike or jumping rope. The sport is addictive. The first two weeks you will push yourself and then just have to wonder how you ever lived without your daily run.
Learn to cook new dishes. Juicy cherries and soft raspberries, crunchy pickles and fragrant pepper, velvet apricot and melon noble and asks in his mouth. And one can do an incredible amount of desserts, appetizers, quiches, mousses and jams. Amaze your household with new dishes, make preparations for the winter and enjoy the delicious food and their own talent.
Change the image. Traveling to different cities and countries, please note how to dress like the people there, what kind of jewelry you wear, what hairstyles prefer. Try on a new look. When if not in summer, to experiment!
Strengthen family relationships. The trip together is a great way to refresh the senses and remind each other that you are not only employees, parents and neighbors. Send children to grandparents, they, too, will change the atmosphere and enjoy each other's company. And do enjoy the cheerful pastime, every day learning something new about yourself and a loved one. And the gentle summer sun and short warm nights will work better than any aphrodisiac.