The end of August – beginning of peak season at many resorts. If you are unable to relax at the seaside in the hot days, go there in late summer. In anticipation of autumn, tourists in hotels is a little, and the administration welcomes you with glee. In many restaurants you can count on a nice discount.

In urban European stores in August always organizes great summer sale is a great chance not only to relax in comfort, but also to buy exclusive gifts for yourself and friends at an affordable price. Among fans of the "velvet" tourism is especially popular in the Crimea, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Spain, Italy and the French Riviera.

If you have no opportunity to travel abroad, please note on the domestic river and bus tours. Excursions in August offered enough, and you can select the best option for the whole family. In Russia a huge number of places with interesting history, a visit which will allow you to spend time not only fun, but also educational.

Why are only famous tours of the "Golden ring" - you can go to great fascinating voyage and visit Rostov Veliky, Kostroma, Suzdal and many other ancient cities with its own unique "face". The most economical option to time and finances trips for 1-3 days with entertainment. Select the most intriguing and original.

For example, the tour "Secrets of the king's house" (Sergiev Posad – Myshkin offers to visit the home Church of Ivan the terrible and admire the architecture of 16-17 centuries. In the city of Myshkin you will find unique museums of mouse and Russian felt boots. A tour with special guests the Viper Vasilevny" - (Kimry) promises a meeting with the folk group and a visit to the comic Museum reptiles – with scenes from the life of snake and snack at the Inn of the dragon.

To spend an unforgettable end of summer can be in the range of his native city and region. The local tourist center in August often attract tourists a variety of entertainment. Besides, you can always take your child to the zoo to marvel at its inhabitants until they moved into winter cages.

Use the last warm days - organize a picnic. It can be combined with quiet hunting. If there is a drought, in August, you can collect a good harvest of mushrooms: the end of summer – the season for boletus and boletus, Russula, chanterelles, champignons, radovac, porcini, slippery jacks late and early mushrooms. In August mycelium abundant fruit and are distinguished excellent taste.

Finally, until the monotonous work and school days, devote the rest of their free time to family and friends. Visit relatives and friends and invite them to yourself. Maybe you tie a new acquaintance, and family gatherings will become a tradition.