Visas are stamped, stamps or stickers with the degrees of protection against forgery, sometimes even with a photo of the owner. Visa on displayed data such as the lifetime, the number of visits, type of visa, personal data, and the name of the country authorizing the entry. To obtain this document, you must submit to the Embassy of the country required a number of documents. Usually this application form, passport, medical insurance, hotel booking and air tickets.

Visas are classified by the purpose of entry and stay for immigrant and reimmigration. First gives its holder the right to live, work or study in the country issuing the visa. Non-immigrant visas are divided into diplomatic, visitor (tourist, guest, business, business visa, work, education, retirement, marriage, dependent, visas, temporary protection visas and forced to stay. Such permits are issued to persons who do not intend to move to this country for permanent residence.

Under the terms of the entry visas are inbound, outbound and transit, which give the right to pass through the territory of the country. Visas vary in its action at the national, which allow entry into a specific country and international, which give right of entry in the Schengen countries. In addition, visas are individual and group, single and multiple, short and long term.

For the issuance of visas the Embassy almost always take a certain amount. The amounts differ depending on the type of visa and the Embassy. Visa fee - fee for reviewing the application and documents, so even if the visa is denied, the money is not returned.

The visa regime is valid in most States, but in some cases a simplified procedure of entry of foreigners. For example, crews of merchant ships - nautical books for tourists. Visa-free entry, exit and transit are agreements between States. Such a regime for Russians installed with Azerbaijan, Armenia, Barbados, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Grenada, Dominican Republic, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Costa Rica, Cuba, Macedonia, Malaysia, Morocco, Moldova, Namibia, Nicaragua, Peru, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Philippines, Croatia, Montenegro and some other countries.

Visa stamped at the airport in Egypt, Tunisia, Laos, Nepal, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Seychelles, Maldives, Ethiopia, Haiti, Jamaica, UAE, Oman, Syria, Jordan, Bahrain, and Yemen.

If the trip covers several countries for a visa you need to contact the Embassy of the country which stands first in the route. The visa processing time is about 15 working days, but this time can vary depending on the workload of the Embassy.

The visa regime is an effective tool of migration policy. However, globalization and the sharp increase in the number of foreign trips does not allow a full test of all entering persons. Such function takes on immigration control, which may prohibit entry to the holder of a valid visa, if you suspect its the disparity between the stated purpose of the trip.