Buy mycelium (spores) fungi in the gardening shop. If you can't find where you can buy seeds, make them yourself. To do this, find in the forest, an old mushroom, it is desirable to have rotten. Chop and soak it daily in warm water. In principle, unable to plant and cut mushroom cap (1 1 cm) directly in the ground, because it contained spores.
Prepare the soil. For mushroom cultivation is well-suited soil, taken in the forest, but you can buy it in the store. The land must be fertile, otherwise mushrooms either not germinate at all, or there will be very little. As fertilizer for the soil, use compost, manure or a complex mineral composition.
If you are using purchased spawn, sow it is based on half-liter Bank 50 square centimeters. On top of the ground, do not sprinkle about 2 weeks. Orosite landing with warm water from a spray bottle. After 14 days, carefully pour about 2 cm of the soil and flatten. Don't worry, your landing will not be harmed.
In that case, if you insisted mushroom in water, just pour it into the ground using a small watering can. Per day in liquids has accumulated a lot of spores that came out of the flesh of the mushroom. Seedlings will appear after 2-4 weeks, sometimes later. Don't forget to pour on top thin layer of soil.
When planting cut hats observe only distances between landings in 5-7 cm and not bury the pieces of mushroom too deep – spores can not germinate. Watering exercise regularly, but at the same time and do not fill with water. The best option watering - watering in a day or a spray bottle every day.
If you plant mushrooms in the spring, then after a couple of months to get the first harvest. By autumn sowing you can treat yourself with home grown mushrooms only for the next year, of course, if you do not grow them in a special warm mycelium.