You will need
  • ADM Control Center.
To prevent problems, use the original software. Major video card manufacturers put the necessary files on your own Internet services. Turn on personal computer and open the website
Expand the shape selection of the video card pointing at the box, Find a Drivers. Fill in the first column "feature Category". Are you interested in the first two paragraphs. Choose Desktop/Notebook Graphics to customize the graphics card of your computer/laptop.
In the following paragraph, select the product line, which includes your video card. Remember that some video cards may have similar names, for example, device Radeon HD 7XXX and Radeon 7500 Series.
Now specify the specific model of the hardware and the operating system currently used. After the transition to the next page, select the application AMD Vision Control Center. This is the main program used to control the display adapters, ATI. Sometimes it can be called the Catalyst Software Suite.
After downloading the file, navigate to that folder and run the installer. Follow the step by step setup menu in the application. To do this, repeatedly press the Next button. After installing the program AMD Vision Control Center, restart the computer. This will allow the application to implement the important files in the operating system kernel.
Click "start" and navigate to the AMD Vision Control Center. Run the same application. Customize the card by choosing appropriate parameters of the device. Pay special attention to item 3D. Through it is the setting modes of the video card that was active at the time of the launch games.
Remember that when you configure integrated video card, you must first upgrade the drivers for the CPU.