The easiest option is to make a barbeque in the yard of a private house or go to someone's cottage. This will allow you not to worry so much about finding and selecting places and concentrate on his cooking and entertainment. Advantage of this option is that when the weather is bad you can always take refuge in the house and continue to have fun. Especially good if the grill is under cover, so no rain is not terrible for a barbecue. Enjoy the warm days and prepare a barbecue in the Park. This should be done only in designated areas. Usually there are already grills, there is a roofed pergola, which is convenient to enjoy cooked meat. Only to find out beforehand about the presence there of available seats and book them, because often they give up on the car. If you use your grill, it needs to have a height of not less than 30 cm, to minimize the possibility of fire. Those who live a short distance from the sea, you can go to the beach. Only the fry is still better on the wild beaches, not the city, otherwise instead of relaxing it is possible to bunch of problems. The fresh sea breeze will be a great addition to a fragrant barbecue and good company. Making barbecue outdoors, clean the area for the barbecue of dry branches and grass. So you protect yourself from a possible fire. Never light a fire near inflammable objects (trees, buildings of wood, tents). Don't drop to the ground, burnt sticks, paper and matches. And when you are finished cooking, carefully pour point of combustion with large amounts of water. In bad weather or reluctance to cook meat yourself, visit a kebab. There will always offer a dish of different meats and even fish. Besides the café you can not only eat, but also to dance. Importantly, bookings.