If you recently installed a new operating system and noticed that many of the devices of the computer become unstable, try to update the drivers. Because this process was not performed during system installation to install the drivers via the "device Manager" does not make sense.

Download app Sam Drivers. You can also use its counterpart – Driver Pack Solution. These programs constitute a database of drivers with a built-in utility scan devices and identify their models.

After you install the Sam Drivers run the file DIA-drv.exe. Immediately after this procedure will start scanning the devices installed in your personal computer. After starting the main application menu, click "Installation (Compatible drivers)".

Make sure that the program has correctly identified your operating system. Its name will appear in the top of the work window. Now select the tab "update Available".

Activate the checkboxes for all the remaining menu items. Pay special attention to drivers for your video adapter. Select only one set, such as Video NVidia. Now for a while leave the program window Sam Drivers.

Click on "My computer" and go to "system Properties". Click "advanced settings", choose tab "system Protection" and click "Create". Confirm to start creating a restore point. This will protect you in case of installation of incorrect drivers.

Return to your Sam Drivers and click "Run job". Specify automatic installation files. In the case of a window with the message about the unsigned driver, confirm its installation.

If after completing these procedures, some devices are still running unstable, then search for the drivers on the websites of their developers. Naturally, when you select a file, specify the operating system Windows 7 need bit.