You will need
  • - Decorative plants of different heights and colors;
  • - frame for beds;
  • containers for flowers.
  • - fence from scrap or plant materials.
Consider the future location of the flower garden. It is important to know from what point you and your guests will enjoy the flowerbed, and select suitable design. Win – win situation- a spacious and open area on which it is easiest to form free-standing flower garden. You can create a spectacular flower bed to frame compositions from bushes or garden trees.
The easiest variant of registration of a bed – be it of plants of the same species. Usually during flowering they are a colorful spot of small size. A flower garden can be complicated if you randomly sit on one area of the garden group various ornamental plants. Pick up interesting specimens with different flowering periods. Then some of them will bloom in spring, others in summer; others will wither in the autumn. Throughout the summer season flowerbed will be pleasing to the eye.
Try to make a more complex flower bed, arranging its components in a clear pattern. To do this, draw the garden in the form of simple geometric shapes – triangle triangle, circle circle, etc. According to the florists, decorators, simple ornaments in the landscape can often look more impressive than the intricate designs. Between plant groups of different types leave a noticeable border. To conceived a colorful pattern is possible only under one condition: all plants must bloom at the same time.
Even more complicate the design of the flowerbeds. Try to make a multi-level composition. To achieve the effect Alpine garden, pick flowers of different heights: the first plant is low, then the middle and the tallest plants. Another option is to create a vertical flower beds - set in the center of future flower bed of plastic or metal frame with holders on different tiers. On it you will put containers with flowers. Form beds will directly depend on its "skeleton".
Protect a bed with the help of improvised or factory materials – it will give your designer creation, perfection, will accentuate the shape of the flower bed. More urbanized version – painted in green old car tire, fill the middle with soil and put in a makeshift fence of flowers.
For a suburban yard, decorated in a rustic style, it is recommended to put a beautiful composition of natural stones or to make a fence of flexible willow twigs.
Modern design flower garden will give a factory fence for flowerbeds. In flower shops and specialty companies, you can choose a nice fence that can be quickly assembled in place on the principle of design.