You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • check in Mail.Ru Agent;
  • - installed on a computer, the program iSendSMS.
Send free SMS messages to numbers of MTS and other cellular operators the opportunity provides its users with Mail.Ru Agent. But first you need to create a e-mail to Mail.Ru and to register in the system. Then add the customer to whom you intend to communicate in online chat and SMS messages in your contacts list. To do this, run Mail.Ru Agent, click on the labels "Add contact" and fill in the database user data.
If your friend is not in the Agent, click on the words "Add a contact for calls and SMS". Enter in the appropriate data fields of a subscriber, enter his number and click "Add".
To send SMS messages to your friend, select it from the contacts list, double-click on the picture of the desired user. Then a page will open where you can write the subscriber letter. Select SMS, write the text, it should not contain more than 112 characters, and click "Send".
The ability to send SMS messages provided by many Internet sites. One of them where you can get info about the user number and the region of his place of registration. Go to the website, enter the mobile number to determine the operator. On the next page that opens will contain information about the subscriber number. Here find a link "Send SMS" and click on the link.
In the new window click again on "Send SMS" and complete the fields in ten-digit format, the number of the sender number of the subscriber-recipient SMS, write a text of no more than 140 characters. Then perform control tasks, and then click Next. After that you will receive to your phone a special confirmation code, which must be entered on the next page to send the message. Please note that this online free SMS can only be sent to subscribers of MTS.
If desired, you can use special software designed for sending SMS. For example, very easy to work iSendSMS. To use it run the program, enter the line number of the message recipient, specify the subject and email text. Enter the pin code from the image and click "Send".