You will need
  • - box packages;
  • - form of cash on delivery;
  • - money to pay for postage.
Pack the parcel. For this purpose it is best to buy a box of the right size directly in the post office. On the boxes that they sell, there are fields for the address. But the packaging of the parcel and the house, and the warehouse, unless you are going to do inventory. In the latter case, the package is finally closed at the post office, to postal clerk can verify the conformity of its content provided by you to the list.
Parcels with postage paid by the recipient it is better to send a list of contents. Complete the appropriate form. It is made in two copies and shall be signed by the operator. One copy put in the package, the second keep. Inventory it is necessary that the recipient was not against you. Carefully seal the package.
Calculate the value of the payment. It must be such that the seller, which in this case are you, was not at a loss. The total cost of the postage depends on distance and the amount of cash payment. Necessary advice you can give a postal clerk.
For shipment at the recipient's expense ask for a special form. It is in any office. Fill in the required fields. In addition to the usual data for any mail here, you specify another size of cod and the way of making money. You can get them by postal order or Bank account. In the first case, enter your postal address and the second your Bank details. The first option is suitable for individuals. When sending a parcel from the company the money will be needed through the cash register. The second method is universal, to get money to the Bank account can of both legal and physical person.
Take the package and mail the completed form to the clerk. Don't forget to get a receipt. Save it before receiving the money.