Advice 1: How to send a parcel at the recipient's expense

Handing over the parcel at the post for relatives or friends, the sender usually pays for delivery costs. However, for example, an online store may need to send a parcel at the recipient's expense, that is cod. This can be done through the regular post office. Postage for this scheme, first by the sender before the recipient to receive the package returns to him the amount expended.
How to send a parcel at the recipient's expense
You will need
  • - box packages;
  • - form of cash on delivery;
  • - money to pay for postage.
Pack the parcel. For this purpose it is best to buy a box of the right size directly in the post office. On the boxes that they sell, there are fields for the address. But the packaging of the parcel and the house, and the warehouse, unless you are going to do inventory. In the latter case, the package is finally closed at the post office, to postal clerk can verify the conformity of its content provided by you to the list.
Parcels with postage paid by the recipient it is better to send a list of contents. Complete the appropriate form. It is made in two copies and shall be signed by the operator. One copy put in the package, the second keep. Inventory it is necessary that the recipient was not against you. Carefully seal the package.
Calculate the value of the payment. It must be such that the seller, which in this case are you, was not at a loss. The total cost of the postage depends on distance and the amount of cash payment. Necessary advice you can give a postal clerk.
For shipment at the recipient's expense ask for a special form. It is in any office. Fill in the required fields. In addition to the usual data for any mail here, you specify another size of cod and the way of making money. You can get them by postal order or Bank account. In the first case, enter your postal address and the second your Bank details. The first option is suitable for individuals. When sending a parcel from the company the money will be needed through the cash register. The second method is universal, to get money to the Bank account can of both legal and physical person.
Take the package and mail the completed form to the clerk. Don't forget to get a receipt. Save it before receiving the money.

Advice 2: How to get a order at the post office

The procedure of receiving parcels complexity is no different. And if it has undergone changes in recent decades, the most insignificant. Required from you upon receipt of the notice to attend in working time specified in the office where to submit this form, filled in the right places, and a passport.
How to get a order at the post office
You will need
  • - notice;
  • - the passport.
Discovered in the mailbox of the form of notice can be filled at home. It is necessary to indicate your surname, name and patronymic, passport details.
Data on registration are specified only in the case when the address to which you sent the parcel, is different from where you registered at the place of residence.
Don't forget to also sign in the right place. Better, however, to do this directly in mail, when you are sure that the packaging has no signs of opening.
Wait your turn to the desired window and show the operator the completed notice and passport.
When you bring the package, make sure everything is in order: the packaging is no obvious tampering, damage. When available wouldn't hurt to open it up to check if everything is in place.
In this case it would be better if the sender to tell you exactly what you send and in what quantity. Even the best guarantee will be the inventory of attachments.Same for you will be optimal to take care of how to carry the contents of the home after the autopsy. For example, to bring a large bag or package.
If there are no comments, you have to sign where necessary, and carry received a parcel home.

Advice 3: How to send a parcel to Saint Petersburg

There are many ways to send a parcel to any city of Russia, including from abroad. Speed of delivery depends on which one you choose, and do you agree to pay an additional postal service or private individuals and companies.
How to send a parcel to Saint Petersburg
Please Mail of Russia. Check the list of prohibited things and make sure your mail doesn't contain them. Take 2 of the form of the receipts and enter each of them your full name, home address, and the address and name of the recipient in St.Petersburg. If you want the parcel was sent by airmail, take about it the mark in receipts. However, the shipping cost in this case will naturally be higher. Make an inventory of nested things.
Contact window handling with receipts and inventory. Pack the parcel in conjunction with the postal worker and weigh it. The postal worker must indicate in the receipt the weight of the package, to record information about it in the computer, and then print the marking sheet with information indicated in the receipt (name and address of the sender and recipient). This sheet is pasted on the parcel, then you will have to pay the receipt. If you want to track the location of a parcel, notify the operator and pay for this service.
Please contact one of the private services Express delivery of mail, including parcels. To apply to such a service you can and through the Internet. The courier arrives at your address with the application forms, one of which after filling will stay with you. Weigh the parcel courier will also in your presence. Then you will only pay a filing fee receipt, or, if you are a regular customer of this company, to repay the invoice that will be sent early next month. Please note: shipping cost in such companies is always more expensive, but you will be able to maintain the confidentiality of your shipment if necessary.
Refer to the drivers-dalnoboyshiki or the conductors of the trains departing to Saint Petersburg, and ask them to pass the parcel. Before that, phoned the recipient of the parcel and notify them about the time of its arrival. This method, of course, is not reliable, so ask your driver or guide and that delivery services will be paid only in St.Petersburg, as well as notify the recipient.
Sending a parcel to Saint Petersburg from abroad is usually done by mail or through private companies that have a contract with the Mail of the Russian Federation about delivery, since such firms can trace the path of departure to the border with our country. In addition, the cost of the services of private companies are usually more expensive, but you can trace the path of the parcel, even if it weight less than 2 kg, which is impossible when dealing with the state post office.

Advice 4: How to check the parcel's barcode

Those days, when people by sending via mail a parcel, tormented by the doubt of the success of achieving its destination are long gone, because now their entire path can be found on the barcode that is unique to each mail piece.
This table appears if the number you entered

How to track the parcel movement

The man came into the post office with the aim of sending the parcel, parcel or registered letter, receives from the operator a receipt with their data, its destination, weight and declared value. Everything else on it is and stricktly identifier located at the top right under the attributes of a liaison office. In addition to Russia, the ID helps to track international parcels. Domestic barcode is 14 digits, which are crucial, international look like an alpha-numeric combination.

Inspection shall be conducted on the official website of the Russian post in the tab It can be accessed directly from the home page of the online resource, found under "Services" on the left module "Tracking" and clicking the word "More" is a link to the page.

Below the text describing the procedure, there are two rectangular block, the first of which need to type the mail ID according to the sample given here, and the second captcha, then there are some figures confirming that the user is a real person. With every page refresh it changes. After that, press the small gray button "Find" and after a couple of seconds to get the result. If there is a red inscription that the information is not found, then either the package is not started and we should wait a couple of days or the number is incorrect.

Results table

If successful, the recipient will receive the picture in the gray table, which will contain all of what is happening with the mail sending operation, the date of passage of the treatment points. They appear immediately after the sorter scans pasted on the parcel barcode. Unfortunately, the postal service is not perfect, and some points are skipped. However, a large number of them still allows an estimate of the location of their property.

The sender is also interested in timely delivery, especially if you sent them the item is to be paid, so in his best interest to test whether realized sending and hastened the recipient to accept it. The last line is "Receiving" appears in the table only when he took her, then below goes the information about the sending and receiving of cash payment.
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