You will need
  • - textbooks and manuals on the Norwegian language;
  • - Russian-Norwegian dictionary;
  • - the Internet, where you can find audio/video materials and training programs;
  • - the notebook.
Before embarking on the study of Norwegian languageand it is important to consider one feature – in it there are some written languages. First you need to determine what the grammar of the written languageand you'll learn: bokmål, Nynorsk, riksmål or Samnorsk. Most popular in Norway writing languageand this is bokmål and riksmål, so to choose better one of them.
The study of Norwegian alphabetischen any languageand begins with an introduction to letters of the alphabet, their spelling and pronunciation. Teach and write in a notebook of the letters and their transcription, and then the syllables and the pronunciation of syllables.
Working with kowaremono learning the alphabet, you can gradually add to your vocabulary of Norwegian words. Start with learning the simplest of words. Write the learned words, their transcription and translation in a notebook and repeat the mastered words each time before learning a new one.
The study grammaticale start learning the Norwegian languageand you chose one of the written language ofs, the grammar of which you will study. Now you need textbooks, manuals and materials for learning specific grammar of the written language. Learn the rules, follow the advice in the manuals and fix the theoretical knowledge in practice, performing exercises and choosing your examples.
The use of audio/videomateriaal the study of Norwegian languageand just need to hear live speech of native speakers of the language. If it is not possible to communicate with someone who knows you are interested in language, you have to find as many recordings, movies and TV shows in that languagei.e. listening, try to understand without a dictionary, the meaning of what was going on. This is more convenient to use video than audio.