You will need
  • mirror;
  • - razor;
  • - tweezers;
  • - scissors;
  • paper for the stencil;
  • - cosmetic pencil;
  • wax or a wax strip;
  • - comb;
  • - a tool that slows hair growth;
  • - rhinestones, tattoos.
Decide what pubic hairstyle you are interested in. You can cut out a decorative stripe, a zigzag, a heart or even the logo of your favourite fashion house. Start with simple lines, and in the future it will be possible to come up with a more difficult option. Please note that vertical pictures lengthen the silhouette and make hips more graceful.
Before starting, trim the pubes with scissors. Length varies depending on your plan. Hair in the crotch clean with razor or wax, only then your new haircut will look neat.
Draw on a sheet of paper stencil for future hairstyles and cut it out. Attach the stencil to the pubic area and mark its outlines dark cosmetic pencil. The skin should be clean and dry – then the shave will take place without irritation and line drawing will be clearly visible.
The bulk of the hair, remove with a razor or hair removal strips. The fine details of the figure make out with tweezers. It will allow to create the most complex and fine lines, the hair is removed together with the root, and therefore grow longer.
Comb the remaining hair small thin comb. Adjust their length. To create a textured surface, use thinning shears. The more complex the pattern, the cutting, the shorter must be the hair.
The resulting hair dye hypoallergenic hair dye. Apply the product according to the instructions, the excess skin remove with a cotton swab. Soak the paint in the time necessary and rinse.
Make sure that the cut is preserved as long as possible. Skin treated with wax or a razor, apply a tool that slows hair growth.
The finished hairstyle can be decorated. Attach to the skin a few rhinestones, faux pearls or decorate your bikini area a transferable tattoo. Rhinestones attach on dry skin with a special adhesive and tweezers.