Agree first and foremost with yourself – who you want to be: a good wife and mother or a successful and independent person. Unfortunately, to combine these two roles is almost impossible. If you want to achieve a good career, you have to sacrifice spending time with my family, and a successful motherhood and a strong marriage will not leave you enough space to work.
Making the choice to use their feminine qualities, you do not refuse to its own interests. Just admit that the man is the head of the family. Be sure to leave yourself time for favorite Hobbies, work, and socialize with friends, but always remember that your personal life should not contradict the interests of your loved ones.
Even without being the perfect hostess, you can make your home an oasis of calm and security for her husband and children. Always treat them with understanding. Always try to look at the situation through the eyes of the opponent. Households will tend to quickly be near you, if you are confident that you will support them in any situation.
Correctly prioritize in the family. The child, however much he was, must not be the master of the house. This role unconditionally should belong to the husband. Remember that love for children has nothing to do with boundless indulgence. You have thousands of ways for the manifestation of his care and tenderness, so do not make her husband a third wheel in the family, giving all of myself to a child. But do not forget that you once were children and try to make concessions to the younger members of the family. The combination of all these rules will give the child to understand that you – the parents – not the guards over him, and understanding and loving his people. Reasonable rigor accustom children with respect to adhere to family rules and practices.
Keep yourself in shape and don't forget that the man loves his eyes. Do not demand the impossible from yourself, not debilitate the body diets and difficult workouts, I gradually and this will lead to better results. Self-care is quite possible to combine with household chores, because you can prepare your own lunch with mask applied on the face and make simple physical exercises during harvesting and Hiking. Good appearance will give you confidence that will not harass her husband's obsessive jealousy, and not to irritate children a bad mood.
Take time for you two with her husband. Do not let your love to drown in domestic and monetary matters. Call on the help of relatives and at least once a month get out somewhere together for the weekend. If you have this is not possible, arrange romantic dinners in a time when the kids are asleep, it will make your life something new.
Leave yourself time to rest. You don't have to be the perfect wife and mother seven days a week. Ask her husband and children to give you a couple of hours each day or one weekend on personal business. This will allow you to relax and get away.