If the frame is disguised as one of the most popular resources and prevents access to the Internet, open the folder C:WINNTsystem32driversetc and find the hosts file. Double-click it in the window "choose program" select "Notepad". Confirm by pressing OK. The hash marked comments of the developers. In addition to reviews, there should be only one line localhost, the extra text to delete.
To get rid of the frame in the browser settings of Mozilla FireFox, in the menu "Tools" click "Extensions" in the left part of the window, click on the tool "Extensions". Remove all items which, in your opinion, are not associated with the known processes.
To clean from the frame of the Opera browser, choose the menu item "Settings" and "General settings". Go to the tab "advanced" in the left part of the window click "Content". Click "Customize JavaScript". Delete the contents of the string "Folder user file..." and click OK twice.
If the frame is built in the IE menu "Tools" click "Internet options" and go to the tab "Advanced". Click "Reset".
After you complete these steps, go to the support page and download DrWeb Drweb Cureit free tool (you can do the link Run the program in a mode of deep inspection.
If the frame blocks your actions, restart the computer in "last known good configuration". To do this, press F8 after you hear a short beep. In the selection menu of the boot options select control keys "Up" and "Down" the corresponding item. In the calendar, choose the date closest to that when the problems started.
If you disabled the option "system Restore", you can change the system time in the BIOS. Then restart the computer. After an initial survey of iron on the screen appears "Press Delete to setup...". Instead of Delete may be specified in another key, depending on the manufacturer. Usually it is F2 or F10. In the SetUp menu, find System Time and enter a new value in the dd field ("date").