Advice 1: How to assure the receipt

The receipt is a very important document, which takes the least time but gives you a reliable guarantee for the settlement of many trades and cash conflicts. The receipt has the full legal power, therefore, does not require notarization. If you are not confident in the integrity of the person with whom the deal or the loan amount exceeds 10 minimum salaries, then reassure her by a notary to be sure.
How to assure the receipt
The preparation of receipts. For receipts, there are no strict forms or fill in forms. It is written by the recipient of money in any form. The receipt enter the amount, information about the transaction, full name and passport data and actual residence address of both parties of the transaction. The document also should indicate the information that the participants in the transaction have to each other any claims. Mark the date and the painting.
Certification of receipts. Make it in two copies, in the event of claims you could bring your copy of the document. If you are not sure of the reliability of a partner or make a deal with him for the first time, ask two witnesses to be present during the preparation of receipts and certify both copies with their signatures. Certification by a notary is not necessary. But if you want, sign the receipt notarially.
Formalities. Take the receipt from the borrower prior to the receipt of money, and not long after that, so how can he give up writing receipts, on the grounds that allegedly did not take any money. The receipt will also specify the percentage (if any), under which the money taken in debt and the term of payment. To assure receipt by the notary in advance agree with him about his presence during your transaction: it does not have any complaints about the legality of transaction.

Advice 2: How to write a receipt of alimony

Alimony apply to payments for maintenance of the disabled person. The Family code of the Russian Federation defines the category of citizens entitled to alimony. These include minor children and disabled adult family members. In case of voluntary payment of the alimony the recipient of monies is a receipt, giving the payer the possibility to prove the fact of payment.
How to write a receipt of alimony
You will need
  • - passport of the recipient of alimony;
  • - passport of the payer of the alimony;
  • - receipt of child support;
  • - the payer of the alimony;
  • - the notary.
The receipt is binding if properly drawn up. Write it with own hand, legibly and without corrections. In the case of the prosecution, conduct handwriting examination correctly composed receipt of alimony will be for the payer to guarantee the fulfillment of obligations.
Specify the time and place of drawing up of receipts. If necessary, this information will help the taxpayer to prove the fact of transfer of money. In the preparation of the document and receipt of funds will be useful the presence of a third person, invited as a witness. In this situation, make it data and not forget that at the end of the receipts should include his signature, legible printed name.
Write in full the receipt passport data of both parties as payer and recipient of alimony. They should contain the series and number of passport, Department code, date of issuance of the document, the exact details of what he issued, and also the place of registration and registration.
Enter the amount of alimony initially figures with the spelling "ruble" and "kopecks" and then words with a capital letter, enclosing it in brackets. In case of differences these data, the priority will be given to the amount written in words.
The receipt should note the focus of cash acquired, the repayment period and will specify whom they are intended, if the child support is scheduled for a minor.
Before to put the signature and the decoding of the names in the receipt of alimony, carefully check it, since any discrepancy can later be cause for loss of legal force of writing.
At the request of the payer of the alimony, the receipt can be notarized.
Child support ends when the child reaches the age of majority, at the next marriage of the former spouse previously disabled, the adoption of the child, who previously paid child support.
Useful advice
In addition to the receipt of alimony, there is agreement about their payment, which shall be in writing and notarized.
If the payment of alimony under a writ of execution was not carried out through the fault of the payer, recovery of the amount is made in full for the entire period of time.

Advice 3: How to write a receipt for money

In modern times the basis of market relations are relations people. It's one thing when you're asking for a loan or give its money to relatives, and another thing, when borrower want to be friends or just acquaintances. In this case, the receipt is an important document that has legal effect.
How to write a receipt for money
Under the law, it can be made in the case if the amount of the transferred funds more than one thousand rubles. In addition, the receipt does not require mandatory notarization. But, if you are afraid to trust their money, it is best to contact a lawyer, then you will not face the fact of forgery of the signature. In addition to the notary to certify the receipt can the signatures of two witnesses, who will give the document legal validity.
If a receipt will be issued without witnesses and a lawyer, if you experience problems with the return of the money, you will have to refer to the experts on handwriting. Not to bring the case to this, it is better to issue the document as appropriate immediately.
The receipt drawn up in free form. It should contain: full name, passport details, residential address the lender and the borrower, based on the provision of money and the amount of the transferred funds. Then it is necessary to indicate that the document drawn up and signed without any claims to each other and in absolute agreement of the parties.
In addition, the receipt should contain date of its drawing up and all the details in terms of refund and interest.
Useful advice
The receipt is simple and easy document that protects not only the borrower but also of the debtor. So do not refuse of which it is made if you have any financial relationship with people and with organizations.
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