The easiest way to switch Russian layout into English with the help of "hot keys". Press Alt and hold Shift - this combination is typically used by default. If this combination doesn't work, try Ctrl + Shift - this option is also provided in settings of the operating system. A third option - the key "E".
If your key combination does not suit you, it can be replaced in the OS settings by selecting one of the listed in the previous step. If you are using the latest versions of Windows 7 or Vista - open the window with the settings you want the easiest way in this way: press the Windows key and type "rusk", then, in the list of search results click on "Change keyboards or other input methods".
In the opened window click button "Change keyboards", and next click the tab "keyboard" and click "Change key sequence". In the last running system window you will find two sections with the same set of fields to select shortcuts - select in the left column. The right is intended to change the layout within the same language - for example, if your OS in addition to the main match table has a phonetic ("YAVERTY"). Then close all three Windows by clicking the OK button.
You can switch the layout with a mouse - click the pointer icon in the system tray that displays the current input language ru/EN, and select in the popup list the desired line.
With the help of additional software the procedure to switch the input language can be automated. Install, for example, a very popular program of this kind Punto Switcher and it will take such work for themselves - will track everything you type with the keyboard, to identify and change language, changing in the right way typed words.