What affects the repair

First, not all potential buyers are ready to fully repair the house immediately after purchase. This option is unacceptable for those buying an apartment at the same time with selling their own (in most cases, the time to prepare a new home to move in they are extremely limited); and those who have invested in real estate all their savings, and even got into debt. In such cases, people prefer flats in which you can enter from and to make repairs to your taste gradually, over several years. Would prefer to do without the repairs and those who buys an apartment in order to rent it out.

Second, even when we are talking about the most pragmatic buyers, going for the "walls", the impression of the apartment – even unconsciously – will influence what they will want to stay on this version or would you prefer to look for another. And the impression largely depends on the "freshness" of repair: clean Wallpaper, fresh flooring and so on.

At the same time, serious investments in pre-sale repairs cannot be called justified: the difference in the cost of apartments with the "renovation" and the same apartments in average condition at best equal to the cost of the repair.

Here is "cosmetics" can be justified: it will expand the number of potential buyers, allowing them to sell their apartment quickly, but may be a little more profitable.

What to do before selling the apartment

Check all the devices of water supply (pipe, valves, radiators). If there is a leak – it is necessary to eliminate them and their consequences. Clean rust stains, dark spots of mold and mildew, treat with antiseptic solutions to dry and then paint. Visible problems with the pipes – a very serious "deterrent" factor. If you have ever flooded neighbors from the top – spot on the ceiling also need to be addressed.

If the cosmetic repair was carried out for more than 3-4 years ago – it is better to upgrade walls, perekleiv Wallpaper or updating the paint. This is especially important for the hall (it is here that the first acquaintance of the buyer with the apartment, and it was here that the walls are usually get dirty faster). Wallpaper does not have to be of high quality and expensive – it is permissible and budget paper. It is better to choose light, neutral colors (beige, light gray, sand) with no large bright picture – so the apartment will look more spacious and brighter.

If the flooring is very old (worn linoleum, faded, trampled carpet, etc.) – it is better to upgrade. But provided that it will not lead to capital investments. But the replacement of the old wooden skirting boards on modern cheap plastic in most cases may be quite justified.

What not to include in pre-sale repairs

Replacing pipes, radiators and sanitary ware. This is an expensive operation, which takes a lot of time and effort, with almost no impact on the price. The pipes and radiators can just be washed, if necessary – to paint; if the tub is in poor condition – update-on enamel finish; plumbing – to clean from contamination.

Replacement of old wooden Windows and interior doors. The same situation: sale flat in the best case will pay back investments, but likely not until the end. Better just slightly refresh the paint.

To change the old tile. In a pinch you can refresh the grout between the tiles – so the old tiles will look much fresher and neater.

When planning the repair before the sale of housing can be guided by simple considerations of economic expediency. The "step" in the prices of the apartments are usually 50-100 thousand rubles, in the same range usually varies "bargaining" – the amount by which the purchaser can "knock down" price. Since the goal of cosmetic repairs before you sell – not to raise the price of the apartment "to heaven", and to expand the number of customers and improve the impression of the apartment, the cost of all repairs must not exceed one step.