Try to do nothing

To force myself to get down to business, try to do nothing and see how many minutes you can survive. Only one condition: you have absolutely nothing to do. Just stand in the middle of the room, turn off the music, put down your phone, don't think about anything and observe complete silence. After a few minutes you just take the case.

Force yourself to work for five minutes

It's hard to work when you are sure that he will have to spend the whole day, so just promise yourself to actively work within fifteen minutes. A quarter of an hour you can sustain any, even the most tedious and routine work. After this time, you will not notice that they cannot stop.

Break big things into small parts

Difficult to tackle some big tasks, so it will be much easier to break it into small pieces and execute them one by one.

Correctly prioritize

It is clear that checking email, washing dishes, going to the store and surfing for interesting websites are very important, but it is better to do priority tasks, without being distracted by extraneous matter, which are able to absorb all the working hours.

Take breaks

Reward yourself for the work of small breaks. Drink a Cup of tea or go for a walk. This good habit to alternate work with rest, will help organize the labor process. You will be much less tired and get more pleasure from the work done.

Work with the morning

Some owls find many excuses not to work during the day, referring to the biological clock, and tired in the daytime. This is a misconception. You need to work at any time of the day. The fact that immediately after waking up people more active and able to do much more work, regardless of the individual characteristics of the organism.

Forget the word "tomorrow"

Make it a habit never to postpone for tomorrow something. Even if it's already the middle of the night, start you conceived now, because to finish is much easier than to force yourself to start a new task.