It happens so that you urgently need to perform some case, for example, to write a scientific work, but in every way you put it, filling its activity suddenly appeared concerns. You can convert thousands of cases but are not the most important. It is familiar to everyone and is called active laziness.
To overcome this laziness, you must return the interest to the activities. You lazinessTES just because you're not interested, and that's fine. Analyze what you need to do this work, and what you'll get. Let's say you want to write scientific work to defend perfectly, and then get a scholarship. To make it easier, make a clear plan of work and the timing of its implementation.
Lazy professional easily determined when one thought about the fact that tomorrow you at work or school, you become unbearably bad, you feel like the mood and vitality leaving you, and you're thinking, how could miss this spooky day tomorrow.
In this case, the more likely you were just tired or lost a sufficient level of motivation. In the first case, try to relax in the evenings during the week and, if necessary, take one day off.
If you don't see nothing new, no interest and enthusiasm, try to find it yourself - you can arrange a competition among colleagues for the best sales or to diversify the process of working creatively. In the case when nothing helps and you're still horrified at the thought of the future and imagine how you will not go and lie on the couch all day, it might be worth thinking about – and on her do you? Maybe you need to do what will please you and inspire always.
Absolute laziness when you do not want your vitality to zero, and you do what they do "eternal rest", all this testifies to the considerable personal problems. Define the goals that you would like to implement in the next 5 years, think about how would you like to see yourself, and what you need to do for this. Write down all your thoughts on paper, spending no more than five minutes for each question. The effect will not appear immediately, you may need daily to review your goals and beliefs about themselves, but after a while you will feel that in addition to the abstract thoughts you have the power to enforce ideas.
Often the strong laziness hides a banal depression. Subject to the lack of desire to do anything, you just continue to paint yourself into a corner that can develop into a big problem. So either work on yourself, setting specific tasks and performing them, either contact your therapist who will help you climb out of the pit of laziness and again to live interesting and active.