Pour warm water into a bowl or tub and add shampoo is not corrosive. Can use to wash the cat a special tool or regular baby shampoo that does not irritate the mucous membrane of the eye. If at first bath pussy will feel fear or burning sensation in the eyes, as well as water in the ears, that's all, next time he's in the water or foot.
как приучить бенгальского котенка к рукам
Before diving into the tub put the lugs Kota cotton balls. Gently wet the animal, do not forget to speak gently and ironed. If fuzzy will show you my sharp claws, leaving a mark on your hand, do not swear. Try to behave as calmly. After the main wash, rinse the fur of the animal thoroughly with running water. Wipe your cat with a soft and clean towel.
как приучить кошку есть домашнюю пищу
If the first experience of water treatments failed, and you had to hastily wash off the foam with a cat, do not repeat the attempt in the first days. Some animals imitate his master, so when you go to take a bath, close the door. The cat should be interested in the foam bubbles, and he realizes that if the owner to clean, so it's not that scary.
как приучить кота к когтеточке
Cat to the water to get used to, repeat attempts to wash the animal, but try to have minimal impact on his mental health. If the pet is heart-rending yells and scratched, and before that he went not washed for several years and nothing, then let him go to wash with tongue. And you sometimes wipe it with a damp, clean rag against the grain.
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