What to consider when washing a kitten

To kitten used to bathing and did not perceive it as torture, start to carry out water treatment at an early age. Already in a month the first time wash the pussy in warm water without shampoo if the coat nagradna.

Be sure to check the water temperature. If it is very hot or cold, the animal will be frightened and will remember it for a long time, then they will be afraid of one type of bath.

Be careful while bathing in the ears and eyes of the kitten has not been exposed to water or foam – it can spoil the impression of the wash that at a later age will be the reason for the use of claws of the cat during hygiene procedures.

While bathing the animal gently talk to him, gently massaging the pelt to the cat enjoyed the process. It is desirable that the bathroom was not loud noises. Behave as quietly, as the kitten will be comfortable and not scary.

Always use a wash designed specifically for cats. After bathing dry the animal with a Hairdryer and stripes can be very intimidating.