In General, the cat – former desert animal, the bulk of the daily amount of water it gets from food. If you feed it natural food, problems with water generally does not occur, the cat may not drink. However, if you provide only professional dry food, be sure to place the bowl near the water tank. Water should be changed daily, old animal no that will not drink.
Add in the diet dairy products or milk. You can also give broth, cooked without salt and spices, various soups and gruel. Cat gets enough moisture.
If the cat refuses to eat organic food, diversify the diet of wet canned feeds of the same company, whose dry food you use constantly. This will reduce the need for water.
Add water, a little canned food. Feeling a familiar pleasant smell, the cat may start to lap up.
If problems with the genitourinary system yet, you can give the animal something salty, for example, a piece of smoked fish. Soon the cat will feel a strong thirst and will begin to seek water and greedily lap up.
It has long been observed that these Pets love to drink water from a specially staged for them, bowls, and any other random container. Leave it on the floor, for example, an open bucket of water, a Cup in the sink, a half-liter jar on the shelf. Soon you will notice that the animal will climb even in a remote place to drink, even if he has a bowl of water.
If a cat has already started to have problems with urinary system and the doctor prescribed an increased fluid intake, give your cat with a syringe. Take a syringe with a capacity of 5-7 cubic centimeters, then remove the needle, fill with water and slowly pour water into the mouth of the beast. The cat will resist, to pretend that chokes, but such inhumane actions, you save the health and possibly life.